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PDC Drill Bits

PDC bits are available in both Matrix body and Steel body styles. The two provide significantly different capabilities, and, because both types have certain advantages, a choice between them would be decided by the needs of the application.


PDC bits are designed and manufactured in two structurally dissimilar styles:

  •  Matrix-body – “Matrix” is a very hard, rather brittle composite material comprising tungsten carbide Grains metallurgically bonded with a softer, tougher, metallic binder. Matrix is desirable as a bit material, because its hardness is resistant to abrasion and erosion. It is capable of withstanding relatively high compressive loads, but, compared with steel, has low resistance to impact loading.
  •  Steel-body – Steel is metallurgically opposite of matrix. It is capable of withstanding high impact loads, but is relatively soft and, without protective features, would quickly fail by abrasion and erosion. Quality steels are essentially homogeneous with structural limits that rarely surprise their users.

We are rapidly putting effort in evolving the steel and Matrix PDC’s, and their limitations are diminishing with continuous development. As hard-facing materials improve, steel bits are becoming extremely well protected with materials that are highly resistant to abrasion and erosion. At the same time, the structural and wear-resisting properties of matrix materials are also rapidly improving, and the range of economic applications suitable for both types is growing.

  • PDC Drill Bit 01

  • PDC Drill Bit 02

  • PDC Drill Bit 03

  • PDC Drill Bit 04

  • PDC Drill Bit 05

  • PDC Drill Bit 06

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