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High Performance Drill Bits

  • Tricone Milled Tooth Bits
    Steel tooth Bits are of basically three types:- Soft Formation Bit – These are bit designed for drilling soft strata having less comprehensive  strength and high drilling ability generally includes clay, shale, etc .In such bits the tooth points are widely spaced and are of greater

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    Tricone Milled Tooth Bits

  • PDC Drill Bits
    PDC bits are available in both Matrix body and Steel body styles. The two provide significantly different capabilities, and, because both types have certain advantages, a choice between them would be decided by the needs of the application.   PDC bits are designed and manufactured in two

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    PDC Drill Bits

  • Tricone Tungsten Carbide Inserted Drill Bits
    Three Basic shapes of Inserts are used:- Chisel Type – Chisel type insert’s have opposing flats and a broad elongated crest, like the teeth of a steel tooth bit. These inserts are used for drilling soft to medium formation.  Conical Type – Conical type insert’s are

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    Tricone Tungsten Carbide Inserted Drill Bits

Pipe Layout and Marking Tools

  • Rotary Earth Clamp

    Part No. : REC

    Weight : 1.8kg/ 4.0lbs

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    Rotary Earth Clamp

  • Wrap A Round Pipe

    Pipe Size (inch) : 18, 21, 24, 30, 36, 48 Inche

    Pipe Wrap Size (ft) : 11ft, 13ft, 14ft, 18ft, 21ft, 28ft

    Temperature Applications Up to : 50 ºf

    Wrap-a-rounds In : 3.88" and 5.00"

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    Wrap A Round Pipe

  • Flange Pins

    Finishing : Zinc Coating Finish

    Use : Flange Holes Up to 1½" Deep

    Weight : Lightweight 1.60kg / 3.5lbs.

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    Flange Pins

  • Magnetic Universal Level

    Tmul : 2 X 20lbs Magnets

    Adjustable : 360 Degree Adjustable Dial Set Level

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    Magnetic Universal Level

  • Centering Head

    Durability - : Long Life

    Diameter : 1/2 - 4 Inche

    Head Fitted : Y-Type Head Fitted with An Adjustable Dial Set

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    Centering Head

  • Contour Marker
    Time saving tool designed to lay out pipe and structural joints. Precise layout of any angle, tees, wyes, crosses, elbows. Eliminated mathematical formulas/cut & try material waste. Consists of X-shape frame, calibrated protractor and a triple jointed marking arm and holder, the protract is

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    Contour Marker

  • Radius Marker
    Models available in four sizes for scribing circles up to 80" in diameter 40" radius. Folding type design three smallest models will fit conveniently into a shirt pocket. Sturdy friction joints maintain rigidity and accuracy, and are made from lightweight, rustproof aluminium for long wear.

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    Radius Marker

  • Square Flange

    Square Flange

Other Products

  • Kelly Bars

    Kelly Bars

  • Hardox Chisels
    We Specialize in Manufacturing of Chisels with Hardox Wear Plates. These Chisels have Been Found to Be Far Better in Performance Than the Chisels Manufactured with En19/c45 Material.hardox as We all Know is the Worlds Leading Abrasion and Impact Resistant Steel. the Hardox Steel is Hard Through and

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    Hardox Chisels

  • Clamshell Grab Bucket

    Type : 1/2/ 4 Rope Mechanical

    Class : Heavy

    Material to Handle : Density Up to 1.6 Ton/cu.mtr

    Wire Rope : Is 2266 Steel Core

    Pulley Bearings : Phosphor Bronze for Wet Working

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    Clamshell Grab Bucket

  • Piling Winches
    Thermion manufactures different  range of Piling Winches in configurations of Single, Double and Triple drum. The winches are specially designed and manufactured in a way that fits into your site working requirements.   Generals Specifications are : Drum material: Cast Steel Shaft material: EN9

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    Piling Winches

  • Tag Aluminium Split Frame Clamshell

    Range : 1" - 54" (25mm - 1372mm)

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    Tag Aluminium Split Frame Clamshell

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