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Tag Pipe – Pipe Equipment Specialists

Thermion Corporation is pleased to announce their tie up  with TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd, UK in India. TAG Pipe is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Pipe Beveling, Cutting, Aligning, Purging & Handling Equipment.

TAG Pipe brings with them more than 30 years of work experience in the manufacture and supply of Pipework fabrication machinery, tools and handling equipment. They offer complete solutions and expertise to make your job faster, easier, more accurate, more efficient for both workshop & on site environments.

The product portfolio for solutions to your Pipe Fabrication applications are as follows :
  • Pipe Bevelling with ID mounted machines.
  • Pipe Cutting / Bevelling with Split Frame Clamshell machines.
  • Pipe Cutting – Orbital Pipe saws, bench mounted.
  • Pipe Cutting / Bevelling with stationery rigid E_Z Fab high productivity machine.
  • Pipe Alignment Clamps : Internal External, Chain, Cage & related apparatus.
  • Pipe Purging Solutions, dams, plugs, Oxygen Monitors etc.
  • Pipe stands with various attachments for easy pipe handling in the work-shop that significantly improves efficiency.
  • Pipe Rotators.
  • Pipe Layout & Marking tools.
  •   Pipe Rack Rollers & Launchers.
  •   Plate Bevelling Machines. Auto feed & manual feed options.
  •  Flame Cutting Machines for Pipes.
  •  We can arrange equipments for demo, trial & application validation and after sales service would be backed by training, maintenance and spare parts availability.

     TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd designs & manufactures all products in the United Kingdom. Our latest Product Summary Catalogue is attached for your perusal.

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