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Vautid – Pioneers in Wear Protection

VAUTID – Pioneering Wear Protection THE VAUTID WEAR PROTECTION RANGE – WIDE ENOUGH TO SOLVE ANY CHALLENGE In the world of casting and welding technology, VAUTID has been the leading name in metal wear protection for over 70 years. Our innovative family of products, such as VAUTID 100, set the standard for the industry right around the world. As specialists in system solutions, we help operators and manufacturers to develop an integrated approach to minimizing wear – thereby building a solid foundation for the long-term operation of industrial plant and machinery. VAUTID wear protection systems are designed to be used in the original manufacture of plant and equipment and also to protect or refurbish steel components later in their life cycle. Our product portfolio covers the full spectrum of mechanical engineering requirements. The range includes hardfacing welding consumables, composite wear plates and cast products. Using VAUTID´s extensive wear protection know-how and design capabilities, we develop complete systems solutions for our customers. As a global corporation, the VAUTID Group has its own sales companies – and our own research laboratories and production facilities – on every continent. In our worldwide organization, some 450 employees from more than 20 countries come together with a network of sales specialists, all with a single objective in mind – finding the perfect VAUTID wear solution for our customers. VAUTID ASW Hardfacing welding consumables Economical and long-lasting, with a product for every application VAUTID hardfacing welding consumables can be used in a wide variety of applications. Extremely quick to apply, they protect high-wear components in plant and machinery, and offer a remarkably economical and long-lasting solution to a vast range of wear problems. We maintain a comprehensive range of welding alloys to cover the specific demand characteristics of every individual application. VAUTID hardfacing welding consumables are used wherever components are subject to abrasion, corrosion or impact. No matter what the application — whether it’s mixing, milling, or crushing, roadbuilding machinery, power generation applications, the processing of soil and aggregates, cement production, or for steelworks use — you will always find the right solution for your specific requirements within VAUTID’s extensive product range All VAUTID hardfacing welding consumables are available as both flux-cored wire and as electrode rods. For an overview of all our hardfacing welding consumables, including details of diameters please refer brochure. One of VAUTID’s particular strengths is the development of application-specific solutions. This is an area where we have over 70 years of experience. If our range of ASW standard products doesn’t provide the ideal solution to your specific wear problem, VAUTID engineers will gladly develop a custom formulation to meet your needs. VAUTID VVP composite wear plates Can be fitted individually — and extremely durable VAUTID composite wear plates are an efficient, use-anywhere solution, which make extended service lifetimes on high-wear surfaces a reality. A natural development of our ASW hardfacing welding products, they are ideal for protecting larger areas or overcoming wear problems in self-supporting fabrications and plant components. Produced by an efficient and economical manufacturing process, and entirely compatible with our range of hardfacing welding consumables and cast products, VAUTID composite wear plates are an important building block in our custom-made system solutions. They comprise steel plates with a hard surface produced using highly wear-resistant VAUTID welding consumables. The overlay on VAUTID composite wear plates is produced on automatic welding machines, using a special metal arc welding process. The high energy input used in this procedure ensures a secure bond between the base plate and the hard layer. Furthermore, this weld procedure guarantees minimal blending between the base material and the welding consumable, thereby ensuring that distinct, strong carbides form at every level in the overlay. This means that genuine VAUTID composite wear plates deliver consistent, long-term wear protection through the full cross-section of the hard layer. They are subsequently rolled on a plate straightening machine. This operation ensures that VAUTID armoured composite wear plates are flat and low in stress, and can be worked on without further preparation. VAUTID composite wear plates are available in various combinations of material, strengths and shapes. An overview of our product range can be found in our product brochure. VAUTID composite wear plates can be supplied in whatever form you need; whether it’s complex steel fabrications or just materials cut to drawing, VAUTID’s fabrication department will be delighted to receive your enquiry. VAUTID has an unlimited range of products: because as well as our standard VVP range, we also supply custom shapes and sizes. VAUTID cast products A competitive solution — and an exact fit for every situation VAUTID has extensive experience as a supply chain partner for high wear-resistance cast components, which we produce in white cast iron and stainless steel. Using components made from cast alloys that have been specifically developed by VAUTID is a guarantee of low wear costs, both for one-off specials and for serial production parts. Our optimized geometry, in-house pattern manufacture and state-of-the-art casting solidification software ensure that all VAUTID cast components are of first-class quality. VAUTID cast components are supplied fully installation-ready, including any necessary machining work. Dependent on the application and our customer’s requirements, VAUTID cast products are manufactured from material specifications developed by VAUTID, or specifications defined in international standards. Whether it’s sand casting, ceramic casting, shell moulding or lost foam, we use the most appropriate manufacturing process for the product. With our highly efficient production processes and stringent quality control procedures, VAUTID castings offer first-class wear protection. They are used in a whole host of industries where mechanical processes such as crushing, mixing, conveying, storing, agglomerating and separating are used. VAUTID Surfacing service (HARDFACING SERVICE) Hardfacing with build-up layers, inspection and remanufacturing Our VAUTID surfacing service offers professional hardfacing for a wide range of applications. This is where our first-class VAUTID hardfacing welding consumables combine with the latest welding technology and the skills of our experienced welders to provide individual, customized solutions. By taking this approach, VAUTID maximizes the service life of components and assemblies which are exposed to wear, and ensures that plants operate effectively. Our service encompasses the design, implementation and inspection of repair welding and overlay welding. This includes taking the parameters of the tribological system into account just as much as the properties of the base material. To ensure the best outcome, we check the design of (and need for) build-up layers and buffer layers, as well as calibrating the lower shelf/ upper shelf positions in the wear model. Maximum performance and effectiveness On request, we will also check the effectiveness of your components, taking into account their individual requirements, the areas where the components are used, and their geometry. Since VAUTID is a system provider with a comprehensive portfolio of wear protection products, we are not limited to just one solution. This enables us to carry out an unbiased examination, and to propose designs for your plant components and assemblies which offer the ideal economic and technical balance. In-situ welding — the refurbishment of components in their assembled condition — also forms part of the expert service that VAUTID offers to its customers worldwide. Our specialist welding equipment and portable power facilities, together with the particular know-how of our welders provides a guarantee of top-quality work, even in the tightest of maintenance windows. VAUTID Fabrication service (Application engineering) From a simple cutting service to complex steel fabrications VAUTID composite wear plates are available as ready-to-assemble units or as components within complex steel fabrications. Developed for demanding wear conditions, VAUTID composite armoured plates withstand common production processes such as sawing, milling, boring and tapping without difficulty. Also, because of the high-alloy hardfacing layer, special precautions must be taken when welding joints. For our VAUTID experts, these technical manufacturing issues are a routine matter. Using a fleet of modern machines, they manufacture individual components and serial production parts to the highest quality standards. VAUTID takes care of components through the entire life cycle of the product With over 70 years as wear protection pioneers, we at VAUTID support our customers right from the design stage, helping in the cost-efficient design of components, the selection of suitable material combinations, and the development of low-wear geometries. Taking into account the desired maintenance intervals, VAUTID reduces the expense of replacing worn-out components. We can arrange for parts to be available worldwide — and of course, the quality remains the same. Because of our international network and our desire to remain a leading innovator, VAUTID is always up-to-date with the latest technology, and we evaluate individual parts and assemblies for any unused potential. Upon request, we can produce technical drawings, exhaustive manufacturing documentation, and test certification. We can also plan and undertake the worldwide shipment of any VAUTID system solution All your wear protection needs from a single source: By combining different elements in the VAUTID product range — VAUTID castings, VAUTID hardfacing welding consumables and VAUTID composite wear plates — a system solution for any plant and machinery wear problem can be produced quickly and easily.

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